Business Plans

Business plans are an essential tool to assess the viability of a new venture or the development of an existing business.
They enable us to look into the future to assess cashflow requirements and profitability. If we do not like the outcome, we can look to change your plan and re-assess the results. This means that we can save time and money by planning ahead and focus on the potential issues you are likely to encounter.
The Business Plan will provide an outline of the business aims and objectives, structure, personnel, marketing, profit projections and cashflow projections, also illustrated by graphs and charts to aid clarity and understanding.
We recommend Business Plans for every client to assist with business development, not just for supporting documentation for loan applications.
Business Plans should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated to incorporate new information and trading results.  The business plan is reviewed and updated as part of the quarterly / bi-annual review package.
Business Plans can vary dependant on each client’s requirements and the level of detail provided, so fees are quoted individually. As a guide:
8 page report with a two year plan :  from £185
over 8 pages (or three year plan)   :  from £265