We provide an efficient and confidential payroll service for monthly and weekly paid employees.
Payslips are e-mailed to you as a pdf, together with advice on the amount due to HMRC in tax and NIC.
All we require are the gross pay details / overtime / expenses / sick leave / bonuses etc.
We can also calculate gross pay if you have a particular net pay that you need to pay.
We prepare all statutory forms including P45 and P46 for starters and leavers. We also notify HMRC as required.
We complete all “end of year” returns, forms P60 and P11d and submit these on time for your staff and HMRC.
We can provide temporary and full Contracts of Employment bespoke for your business and terms, in order for you to meet your obligations under ERA 1996 (as amended). Full COE includes Company Equal Opportunities Policy, Drug Policy and Grievance Procedure.
In short, we can provide your complete payroll function, ensuring that you are up-to-date and meet HMRC deadlines.