Starting a Business

In one meeting we can establish the outlines of a Business Plan and discuss alternative business structures (sole trade / partnership / LLP / Limited).
We can advise on matters regarding VAT Registration and schemes, PAYE, remuneration and dividends, tax saving measures.
We can arrange formation, notification to HMRC, book-keeping guidance, record keeping requirements, partnership and director agreements.
We can discuss the Directors Duties & Obligations as required by the Companies Act 2006.
In short, we can discuss your business idea, produce a business plan (see Business Plans section) and deal with all of the HMRC and Companies House requirements. This means that you can focus on your business and rest assured that you will meet all of the filing and notification requirements.
Please note that you are required to notify HMRC within 3 months of starting a business. If the potential income is low at first, we can look to avoid paying Class 2 NIC.
It is so important to get things off to a good start, to be prepared and to have a business plan in place from the outset.
We can assist you throughout your first year and onwards. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.